Math 210 Applied Mathematics for Engineers (Spring 2014)

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To be successful in a mathematics course, following all lectures carefully is necessary, but it is almost never sufficient by itself. A better way to study would be to follow these steps:

  • Before each lecture: Read (even if not in full detail) the relevant sections of the text to familiarize yourself with its content.

  • After each lecture: Try to solve all the suggested problems for that lecture within a day or two (we try to arrange them so that it takes about another hour to do this).

  • Carefully note all the problems that you are unable to solve, and come to office hours to ask about them, as well as any other questions you might have.

  • If you feel that you need more practice in a particular topic ask for extra help.

Only then will most students feel comfortable, along with a final review before each exam. Merely attending lectures and then cramming before exams will almost always be inadequate.

See also Tips for Success in Undergraduate Math Courses by Dr.Purcell.