Math 210 Applied Mathematics for Engineers (Spring 2014)

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Course Syllabus (pdf)

Frequency: Spring Terms

Credit: (4-0)4

Catalog Description: Vector differential and integral calculus. Matrices. Determinants. Systems of linear equations. Characteristic values and characteristic vectors of matrices. Introduction to numerical methods.

Prerequisite: MAT 120 or consent of the Department.

Course Objectives: This course is designed to give second year engineering students fundamental concepts of vector calculus and linear algebra relevant to their fields, solutions of linear algebraic systems of equations, eigenvalues, roots of nonlinear equations, interpolation, and numerical differentiation and integration.

Course Coordinator: Kürşat Aker      (office: TZ-42, phone: x3433, email:

Website:    /math210/

Exams and Grading: Course grades are determined by written and online homework, a midterm exams, and a final exam, as well as a small number of bonus points.

  • Midterm : 40 %
  • Final: 45 %
  • Homework: 15 %(3x 2% WeBWorK, 3x 3% Written)
  • Bonus: 5 % (Timed Challenge Questions, Other)

Homework: Written and Online homeWork will be assigned and graded during the semester. For online homework WeBWorK system.

Textbook: "Computational Science and Engineering." Strang, G., 1st ed. (ask your professor about this)

Make-up Policy: In order to be eligible to enter a make-up examination for a missed examination, a student should have a documented or verifiable, and officially acceptable excuse. A student cannot get make-up examinations for two missed exams. The make-up examination for all exams will be after the final exam, and will include all topics.

S1 - K. Aker Mon 13:40-15:30
Thu 8:40-10:30
S2 - K. Aker Mon 10:40-12:30
Wed 10:40-12:30
S3 - B. Walter Tue 10:40-12:30
Fri 8:40-10:30