Math 210 Applied Mathematics for Engineers (Spring 2014)

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There will be 28 lectures given by the instructors, each lasting 2 hours. The schedule below gives a rough list of course content on a per-week basis.

Note: This schedule may be modified/reorganized as the class progresses.

Week 1 Introduction Matrices corresponding to differentiation operators.
Week 2 Differences, derivatives and boundary conditions.
Gaussian elimination and LU decomposition.
Week 3 Inverses and delta functions.
Week 4 Eigenvalues and eigenvectors.
Week 5 Positive definite matrices.
Week 6 Equilibrium and the stifness matrix.
Mechanical Vibrations.
Week 7 Review.
Week 8 Projections.
The method of least squares.
Week 9 Structures in equilibrium.
Week 10 Fourier series for periodic functions.
Week 11 Special functions.
Week 12 Discrete Fourier transform.
Fast Fourier transform.
Week 13 Convolution and signal processing.
Week 14 Review.