Math 210 Applied Mathematics for Engineers (Spring 2014)

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Students should use ODTU-Class

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Benjamin Walter
  • ref.m Matlab function.
    ref(A) uses Gaussian reduction with partial pivoting to put A in row echelon form.
  • mydet.m Matlab function.
    mydet(A) recursively expands across the first row to calculate det(A).
  • LU-lecture1.m Matlab script.
    Introduces students to computation of LU decompositions
  • LU-lecture2.m Matlab script.
    Introduces students to uses of LU decompositions
  • GS-lecture.m Matlab script.
    Introduces students to Gauss-Seidel iterative method for solving Ax=b (with some comments at the end).
  • Iteration-functions.m Matlab script.
    Introduces iterative methods for finding solutions to equations.
  • Integration.m Matlab script.
    Numerical methods for approximate integration: Single and double integrals.

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