Math 260 Basic Linear Algebra (Spring 2016)

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Course syllabus (pdf)

Frequency: Spring Terms

Credit: (3-0)3

Catalog description: Matrices, determinants and systems of linear equations. Vector spaces, the Euclidean space, inner product spaces, linear transformations. Eigenvalues, diagonalization.

Course Coordinator: Emel Bilgin      (office: TZ-30, phone: x3423, email:

Exams and Grading: Course grades are determined by quizzes, two (non-cumulative) midterm exams, and a (cumulative) final exam, as well as a small number of bonus points awarded on the basis of class participation.
  • Quizzes: 10 % (3 quizzes during semester)
  • Exam 1: 25 %
  • Exam 2: 25 %
  • Final: 40 %
  • Bonus: 5 % (solving problems on the board)

Textbook: "Linear Algebra", Larry Smith, 3rd ed., Springer, 1998 (available at the bookstore, and the Reserve section of the library)

Homework and Method of Studying: The course is of an abstract nature compared to most other courses; comprehension of the proofs and a careful reading of the lecture notes or the textbook are important. Students should attempt to solve all of the questions at the end of each chapter, and regularly visit office hours to talk to the instructors about questions that they cannot solve. Homework will not be graded or corrected. However, a large percentage of the questions on each exam will be very similar to the exercises in the book. (Beware: We will make just enough changes so that memorization of solutions or proofs does not help. A thorough understanding will be necessary and sufficient.)

Website:   /math260/

Make-up Policy: In order to be eligible to enter a make-up examination for a missed examination, a student should have a documented or verifiable, and officially acceptable excuse. It is not possible to make up multiple missed examinations. The make-up examination for all exams will be after the final exam, and will include all topics.

Math Help Room: The mathematics help room in T-103 is a room staffed by mathematics faculty and teaching assistants where students may gather to ask questions, work on homework, and view exams. Students are also invited to seek out instructors in their offices.

S1 - A. Dosi Tue 13:40-15:30
Thu 14:30-15:40
S2 - A. Dosi Mon 8:40-10:30
Thu 13:30-14:40
S3 - E. Bilgin Mon 15:40-16:30
Wed 15:30-17:40

Important Dates
  • February 22: Classes Start
  • February 29-March 4: Add-Drop period
  • April 25-29: Withdrawal period
  • May 19: HOLIDAY (Thursday)
  • May 27: Classes End
  • May 30-June 11: Finals Period
  • June 18: Grades Announced
  • June 22-24: Resit Exams