Math 120 Calculus for Functions of Several Variables (Spring 2013)

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Course syllabus (pdf)

Credit: (4-2)5
Frequency: (Fall and) Spring Terms

Catalog description: Sequences, infinite series, power series, Taylor series. Vectors, lines and planes in space. Functions of several variables: Limits, continuity, partial derivatives, the chain rule, directional derivatives, tangent plane approximation, differentials, extreme values, and Lagrange multipliers. Double integrals with applications. The line integral.

Course Objectives: The sequence Math 119-120 is the standard complete introduction to the concepts and methods of calculus, taken by all engineering students. The emphasis is on concepts, solving problems, theory and proofs. All sections take uniform midterm and final exams. Students develop their reading, writing and questioning skills in mathematics.

Course Coordinator: Benjamin Walter

Course Website: /math120
Course grades and general course announcements will be posted on the course website. The website also contains links to WeBWorK and further course resources.

Textbook: Calculus, James Stewart, 7th international metric ed., 2012 (available at the bookstore)

Exams and Grading: Course grades are determined by (online) homework, short exams (organized by the teaching assistants), two (non-cumulative) midterm exams, and a cumulative final exam.
  • Homework: 5 % (WeBWork)
  • Short Exams: 3x 7 % = 21 %
  • Midterm Exams: 2x 22 % = 44 %
  • Final Exam: 30 %
  • Bonus: 6 % (5 % from section and 1 % from recitation)

Homework: There will be 6 homeworks assigned and graded using the WeBWork system.

Short Exams: Short exams will be give on Wednesday evenings (dates to be announced). Problems in the short exams will be chosen from the previous webwork assignments.

Bonus: Up to 6 bonus points will be added to the final course score of students after combining all other grades. One of these bonus points will come from recitation and the other five from section. The method of determining bonus points will be decided by individual instructors and announced in class.

NA Grade Policy: Students who miss (without excuse) or receive a grade of 0 on more than 2 of the course exams (midterms and short exams combined) automatically receive a grade of NA for the course.

Make-up Midterm Policy: In order to be eligible to enter the make-up examination for a missed (midterm or final) examination, a student should have a documented or verifiable, and officially acceptable excuse. It is not possible to make up multiple missed exams. The make-up examination for all exams will be after the final exam, and will include all topics.

Missed Short Exam Policy: At most one short exam may be missed with a valid, acceptable excuse. This short exam's grade will be replaced by the average grade of the other short exams.

Cheating Policy: Cheating on any midterm or short exam will result in an immediate score of 0 on that exam. Furthermore, the student will be forced to take the make-up final at the end of exams period in lieu of the regularly scheduled final exam. Cheating on the final exam will result in an immediate grade of FF in the course.

Math Help Room: Office hours will be held in the mathematics help room (T-103). Students are encouraged to visit the help room both at the office hours of their own instructors, and others. The room can also be used for studying and for working in groups. Students are also encouraged to seek out instructors in their offices.

Suggested Problems: For each lecture, the assistants will announce additional suggested problems from the textbook. These problems will not be graded. The list of problems is available on the course website.

Reference Books:

  • George B. Thomas et. al., Thomas' Calculus 11th ed.
  • Robert A. Adams, Calculus, A Complete Course 5th ed.
  • Howard Anton, Calculus with Analytic Geometry 5th ed.

S1 - B. Walter Tue 8:40-10:30
Fri 10:40-12:30
S2 - A. Beyaz Mon 15:40-17:30
Thu 10:40-12:30
S3 - A. Dosi Mon 8:40-10:30
Wed 8:40-10:30
S4 - A. Beyaz Tue 15:40-17:30
Thu 15:40-17:30
R1 - A. Ozer Mon 13:40-15:30 SZ-2?
R2 - A. Ozer Tue 15:40-17:30 SZ-25
R3 - A. Ozer Thu 15:40-17:30 SZ-25
R4 - A. Ozer Mon 8:40-10:30 SZ-25

Important Dates
  • February 14: Classes Start (Tuesday Schedule)
  • February 15: (Wednesday Schedule)
  • February 25-March 1: Add-Drop
  • April 23: HOLIDAY (Tuesday)
  • May 1: HOLIDAY (Wednesday)
  • May 24: Classes End
  • May 27-June 8: Finals Period
  • June 17: Grades Announced