Following are some course lecture notes written for the [MAT219] Introduction to Differential Equations course taught at METU Cyprus. The course uses Boyce and DiPrima's differential equations book, but is reorganized so that "Systems of Differential Equations" (Ch 7) is taught in the first part of the course -- before "High Order Linear" (Ch 3-4).

Since students were having trouble with "Systems of DE", I wrote up some (mostly) clean course notes for distribution and extra study. There are a few places with computational errors in these notes. I also included notes connecting to the "High Order Linear" chapters (3-4) because we organized our work there differently than Boyce and DiPrima. Also included are some extra notes reviewing Laplace transforms (Chapter 6).

The rough course outline is presented below. Sections without uploaded notes are written in strikeout.

Summary Sheet for Differential Equation Course
First Order Differential Equations (no notes)
Systems of Linear Differential Equations
Higher Order Linear Equations
Laplace Transform (no notes)
Partial Differential Equations and Fourier Series (no notes)
  • Derivation of Heat Conduction Equation; Boundary Value Problems
  • Fourier Series
  • Fourier Series of Even and Odd Extensions
    (Sine and Cosine Series)
  • Separation of Variables; Solution to Heat Equation
Review for Final Exam