Following are 125 pages of course lecture notes written for the [CVE303] Probability and Statistics for Engineers course which I taught at METU Cyprus in the 2018-19 Spring and 2019-20 Fall semesters. These notes follow the general outline of chapters 2-10 and 12 of Devore's Probability and Statistics for Engineering and the Sciences textbook. Beginning with the chapter on joint probability, the notes begin to diverge more and more from Devore's book; though they still borrow the chapter and section numbers and titles. The ANOVA section uses completely different notation from Devore, and the Regression section also organizes work differently. The notes further include various introductory, explanatory, and connective text which is (sorely) lacking in Devore.

Because students were engineers, I avoided proofs and large scale computations. This is the only probability or statistics course which these students will take, so it necessarily covers a wide range of material (only superficially). Throughout, I attempted to ground understanding with examples from discrete random variables where simple computations can be easily done by hand. The primary goal of the course was to reach confidence intervals for regression lines.

PART   I:     Probability and Random Variables

Discrete Random Variables and Distributions
Continuous Random Variables and Distributions
Joint Random Variables and Distributions

PART   II:     Statistics of a Single Population

Point Esitmation of Parameters
Aside: From Parameter Estimation to Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Testing
Confidence Intervals for Parameters
Hypothesis Testing
Review of Single Population Statistics

PART   III:     Statistics of Multiple (or Continuous) Populations

Two Sample Hypothesis Testing
Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
Simple Linear Regression
Review of Multi-Population Statistics